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We will be very glad and proud if you’ll become the owner of our siberian and neva masquerade kittens!

Zhenevieva Valenika
Champion WCF
Litter A was born on April, 26
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Advantages of buying a kitten from us
  • WCF registration
  • Veterinary passport
  • Microchipped kittens
  • EU delivery
  • Kittens pedigree

How to reserve a traditional siberian kitten 

On April 26, 2020 three gorgeous traditional siberian kittens were born. You can reserve a kitten by making a 50% prepayment. Kittens can be moved to a new place since August. Up-to-date information and everyday photo and video materials are available on Instagram.


Kitten names 2020

In case you make a deposit for a kitten before the age of 2,5 month, you can choose his/her name by your own. In April we are going to have Litter "А", so the names of kittens will start form A. 


Litter A in blue-cream tortie is already in April 2020!

It is possible, that some kittens will be free for you! Don't hesitate to join us on Instagram or contact us.