What is a kitten's Veterinary Certificate for an animal?

The Veterinary Certificate of an animal is an official document issued by a licensed organization and containing basic information about the animal and its condition, about preventive vaccinations, chipping, as well as information about the owner of the animal.

The legislation of the Republic of Belarus does not contain requirements for a pet to have a veterinary certificate. This requirement is fixed only in relation to the export of the animal abroad. However, the presence of a veterinary certificate is fundamental for kittens from official catteries, as well as for any other pets that are permanently cared for.

What data does the veterinary certificate of a Siberian kitten contain?

The veterinary certificate for a thoroughbred Siberian kitten contains the following information:

  • assigned registration number of the document;
  • information about the owner (name, surname, address);
  • description of the animal (name, species, breed, sex, date of birth, color, number and date of microchip installation);
  • information on vaccinations.

Who issues the veterinary certificate?

Authorized organizations. Veterinary stations.

What are the rules for obtaining a veterinary certificate?

According to the requirements of the legislation of Belarus, kittens must be microchipped in order to obtain a veterinary certificate.

The data of the implanted chip must be entered into the animal's veterinary certificate (a special barcode is glued into the kitten's veterinary passport and stamped by the vet).

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