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Buy Siberian and / or Neva masquerade kitten in Belarus (Europe)

Once a year we offer to our site visitors and all fans of the Siberian breed to get acquainted with our chic Siberian and Neva masquerade kittens of Minsk (Belarus, Europe)! Our family has been breeding Siberian and Neva masqurade kittens since 2018 under the guidance of a professional felinologist with more than 10 years of experience - Valentina Solovieva, the head of our cattery.

All our kittens are born from our single Siberian cat - Zhenevieva Valenika. For today she is a champion of the Siberian breed and continues her genus with dignity. All kittens grow under the strict supervision of our entire family, undergo all the basic tests and procedures necessary for registering kittens as a club and pedigree. Each and every Siberian kitten born with us is infinitely loved and is surrounded by care as much as possible. For us, it is not just kittens for sale, but a big responsibility for the life of a small creature. And for each of them we want the best of what can be, that is why we have certain requirements for those who buy our kittens from us.

It should be noted that it is possible to buy a Siberian or neva masquerade kitten in Minsk (Belarus, Europe), but the delivery of the selected kitten for the price mentioned on a website is not excluded. The cost of delivery varies from the country.

Nowadays Siberian and Neva masqurade kittens in Europe, USA or Canada are available in many catteries, but you should be very careful when choosing both a cattery and a kitten. Before you make the final choice, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with some of the features of buying a Siberian or neva masqurade kitten.

Our Valenika Cattery is professionally engaged in the breeding and distribution of Siberian kittens of traditional color and Neva masquerade kittens in Belarus and Europe since 2010. Most of the kittens from our cattery live in EU (Italy, France, Germany…), USA. and Canada.

Until 2018 the cattery specialized only in Siberian kittens of traditional color. After the birth of three beautiful Neva masquerade kittens (two boys and one girl) from our cat, it became obvious that the breeding of Neva masquerade kittens would be a continuation of the cattery.

Kittens can be moved to a new home only at the age of three months and with all the documents included.

We strongly recommend to buy a Siberian or Neva masquerade kitten in Europe only from an official cattery. Some of the belurussian catteries are mention on our website. Buying a kitten from us - you will protect yourself from many common mistakes in choosing a Siberian or Neva masquerade kitten.

Siberian and Neva masquerade kittens in Europe (Belarus, Minsk). Buy Siberian kitten in Europe (Belarus, Minsk).