Cattery of Siberian and Neva masquerade cats in Europe (Belarus)

Greetings to all fans of Siberian and Neva masquerade cats!

The history of our project begins in 2016, when we’ve decided to buy a Siberian kitten. Like most of those who are now reading this text, we searched for a kitten via the Internet. But what was our surprise when the little lump of joy we chose completely ignored us when we met him, while the other kitten showed us his interest in us ... And we could not resist! Our hearts were stolen forever by tender Zhenevieva. Contrary to all our plans we could not leave without her. This gentle Siberian kitty has become the center of our family. She is loved by all and each of us.

Zhenevieva has the personality of a human. Like a mother of two children, she comes to wish the kids a good night or good morning, lies near the children, if one of them is sick, anxious and fondled when one of them cries ... At the same time she behaves like a small child: she likes having fun, running and jumping with children, and never hurt one of them with claws (which we never shave off) or with teeth. Like a woman she prefers to have a sleep on husband's shoulder at night. And like s fairy she inspires me. Therefore, I can confidently confirm that Siberian kittens and cats are exclusively family and sociable with nice habits.

On our website we want to tell as much as possible about this beautiful breed of Siberians, about what kind of Siberian cat catteries exist in Belarus, about how to please these magical creatures. And after all thank our cat for the warmth and harmony that she carries the family. We will also upload photos and characteristics of Siberian and Nava masquerade kittens born from our Zhenevieva, so that someone else can become a happy owner of them. At the same time, there are a number of requirements that we make to the owners of animals, therefore, not everyone can buy a kitten from us.

On our resource we will try to give answers to all those questions that concern people when choosing, buying and maintaining Siberian and Neva masquerade kittens and cats. We will try to explain in detail the specifics of the breed. And also provide as much information as possible about our cat, her pedigree and all her kittens.

Zhenevieva is registered with the Union Cats Club and was born in the Valenika cattery. We are the owners of the cat and her kittens. At the same time, we comply with the standards and requirements of the cattery, as well as the international Union Cats club, and participate with Zhenevieva in exhibitions.

The sale of Siberian and Neva masquerade kittens is not the income of our family. We do this for pleasure and fun, but on a professional level and with a serious approach to both kittens and their documents. Be sure that Zhenevieva and her kittens are thoroughbred, vaccinated, kept at home and eat premium food. In confirmation of my words, study the documents on the site. Kittens are transferred to new owners only after a personal communication with them and after the deposit payment.

Relationships with owners do not end with the sale of kittens. We will always answer your questions and help if the need arises.

If you have already decided to reserve a Siberian, Neva masqurade kitten – write or call us!

If you still doubt - read, look through the website or instagram, think and write to us!

Best regards,
Natalia Klinchuk

Our guaranties
  • Are checked and certified by the WCF experts
  • Have the official documents of WCF
  • Are chipped
  • Under regular veterinary control
  • Vaccinated